Young Adults- Summer

Young Adults- Summer

The Young Actors at Strasberg Teen summer programs are conservatory style courses designed for students wishing to receive a concentrated immersion in Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting technique and broaden their technical knowledge and skills. Students take a Method Acting class each day, alternating between two different teachers so they benefit from two different perspectives on the technique. Students also have additional electives that enhance their Method training. Those electives include: Acting for Film & TV, Acting for Musical Theatre, Audition, Dance, Movement for the Actor, Improvisation, Singing, Stage Combat, and Shakespeare. The focus is to prepare the students for professional productions, conservatory and professional auditions, and later conservatory and college training.

Rising 10th through 12th Grade students are eligible for the six week intensive. Intensives are 35 hours per week. F1 visas are required for international students.

Class descriptions


Method Acting nurtures the teen actor’s creativity through exercises designed by Lee Strasberg and applied at a level commensurate with teenage experience. Students train in this technique to develop the actor’s ability to respond with real behavior to imaginary circumstances. The first part of each class begins with Lee Strasberg’s relaxation technique and then moves to sense memory exercises. The second part of each class is devoted to improvisation, scene work, and monologues. The sensory exercises and monologue/scene work continue to become more challenging with each Young Actor’s progress, length of study, and experience. 3 hours per day.


This class encourages our teen Young Actors to perform solo, duet, and group pieces from the classical and contemporary Broadway repertoire. The class trains students both in vocal technique and movement performance that cultivate the skill set required in the world of musical theatre. Students work with both vocal and dance faculty to develop singing, dancing, and performance competencies. 2 hours per week.


This class provides teen actors the opportunity to tailor their work for the camera. Commercials, auditions, scene work, and other exercises highlight the different technical skills and adjustments required to cultivate a film performance. Cold readings, scene work, monologues, commercial copy, and music videos are introduced, practiced, and critiqued to better understand how to apply Lee Strasberg’s Method to all on-camera media. 4 hours per week.


This class is designed to prepare the Method actor for auditioning in a variety of casting situations.  Students will learn the basics of marketing through headshots, resumes, and finding casting notices and representation. Students will be introduced to a variety of techniques and audition materials suitable for various types of work such as plays, movies, webseries, commercials, and more. 2 hours per week.


This class is designed for both students who have never danced before and for those who want to improve on their previous dance training so they can understand the applicability and importance of basic dance technique to an actor. This is done through a series of exercises in the Ballet, Modern, and Jazz disciplines that explores body awareness and the joy of moving through space. Students learn to move within the strict physical discipline of these dance forms while striving for free and full expression through their physical body and while adding to their overall skill and range as Young Actors. 2 hours per week.


Lee Strasberg said that the most important exercise an actor could ever learn is improvisation. This class is focused on developing the actor’s ability to act in the moment based on given circumstances. Students analyze the Who, What, Where, and When of a scene as they gain trust in their choices. Students learn to become more spontaneous and better listeners, while developing the ability to make unique choices for a scripted scene. 2 hours per week.


The actor himself is his own instrument. Through various exercises, students are taught the proper techniques to use their instruments more efficiently and less habitually in their acting. This is taught in order to embody the character physically, in compliment to the technique of embodying the character mentally and emotionally in their Method Acting classes. Topics of focus will include how one’s body can guide the actor to a fuller understanding of the human experience and to express each actor’s individual sense of truth. 2 hours per week.


This course consists of reading and analyzing a selected play of William Shakespeare. The context of Shakespeare’s plays and the theatre of his time will be covered. Additionally, soliloquies and scenes will be introduced and analyzed and then presented by students at Open House. 4 hours per week.


The purpose of this class is twofold. First, it is to introduce and develop proper voice technique through relaxation, alignment, respiration, phonation, support, registration, resonation, and articulation. Secondly, it is to build the individual’s musical theatre repertoire songbook.  A daily warm-up routine will be introduced. The design of the course is to free the Young Actor’s vocal expression and further prepare the student for the demands of performance. 2 hours per week.


This course will introduce the students to the discipline and techniques of stage combat.  Physical training will take place to strengthen the abilities of the actor with respect to performing violence in a safe and believable manner.  Both beginners and experienced students will have the opportunity to advance their technique and learn new combat skills applicable in a controlled and convincing way. 2 hours per week.


Intensive Cost: $6250 (tuition $6100 plus $150 non-refundable registration fee)


Attention International Students- camp is 35 hours per week therefore F1 visas are required.

$6350 per session (tuition $6100 plus $250 non-refundable registration fee)

Full tuition payment is required prior to the first day of camp.



2017: 6 WKS Young Adult Intensive (Grades 10-12): July 10- August 18

2018: 6 WKS Young Adult Intensive (Grades 10-12): July 9- August 17