KirbyHowellBaptisteKirby Howell Baptiste (Adult student/Assistant teacher)

“It’s not what I expected ­I thought it’d be a candy-floss acting class, but instead the kids are learning the fundamental basics of Strasberg’s work. I’m really impressed by the work and the kids’ response to it. The teacher is wonderful ­ one of the most patient, caring and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met.”

ElsaHansonElsa Hanson

“I really like the acting class because she teaches us how to become the character that we are playing and how to relate your life with the character. She says “don’t act” which is funny but true. We have to be true to who we are as the character and be organic. We also do sensory which is a wonderful way to feel and imagine something without actually having it right in front of you. That really helped me. I have to say, out of the acting camps I have been to, this one is the most real help in acting I have ever experienced.”

DavidDavid Robinson Hicks

“I love each of the classes ­ they serve unique purposes. The teen Acting class is an intuitive course that encourages us to think; trusting one’s own body through sensory work serving as a prime example of how we will likely feel more independent by class’ end. If Acting prepares our bodies and minds for the craft, the Production class allows us to put things into motion by slowing down. It’s quite enjoyable to have a cool down ­ especially one that makes you feel like you have your own history and experience to draw from.”

MayaMaya Zeltzer

“I love Musical Theatre! I like how we warm up our voices and bodies before the rehearsal. The directors make sure that everyone understands the dance moves and are singing the right words. They make sure that I am in my character and that I know the meaning of what I am saying. I feel like I belong on stage. I love to sing, act and dance. ‘Into the Woods’ is a wonderful play. It helps me use my imagination and I get to know my character. I just have fun! I love The Lee Strasberg theatre and I will definitely stay for a while.”

ShailaEssleyShaila Essley

“For the last couple of years I’ve been jumping around to different acting schools and my parents and I like Lee Strasberg. I might stay forever (or until I get my Oscar, Golden Globe and Academy Award!)”