Kids - Summer

Kids – Summer

Our Summer Intensive Program in West Hollywood provide a comprehensive training program with daily Method Acting classes and a wide range of engaging electives for our Young Actors, grades Kindergarten through 12th. Lee Strasberg’s Method Acting technique is introduced at a level commensurate with the Young Actor’s experience. Students have the opportunity to develop improvisational skills, and perform scenes and / or monologues with a focus on stage and camera awareness.


Students are introduced to Lee Strasberg’s Method at a level commensurate with their age. They will be introduced to exercises that help them express themselves with greater confidence and truth. This program is designed to offer students the opportunity to strengthen their creative process and develop technical performance skills in a supportive, exciting, and focused environment. The classes being offered this summer: Acting, Acting for Film & TV and Movement. International and U.S. applicants are welcome!

Important Dates:

SUMMER Session 2019
July 29th – August 9th
Time: 10:00 – 4:30pm
Tuition: $1,325

Class descriptions:


This class ignites the imagination and empowers our Young Actors to trust their instincts while expressing themselves truthfully within dramatic circumstances. Terminology, improvisation, stage craft, and scene work are practiced and critiqued to ensure artistic and technical growth in the actor’s work.


This class provides our Young Actors with the technical skills and experience required to creatively perform on screen. They begin to practice and perfect applying their acting technique and process through the lens of the camera. Scenes from film and television, as well as PSAs, are recorded, played back, and discussed, providing an opportunity for immediate feedback, growth, and improvement.


This class is designed to expand the Young Actor’s physical coordination, body awareness, and range of expression. Having complete control and full expression through physical behavior is a vital skill for the actor, and this class is designed to instruct Young Actors to embody their movements with expression and imagination.